Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding:

1) Plan ahead. What’s your favorite color? Favorite food? Start with the little things and build on them. Knowing these things will help you envision your dream wedding. Don’t even think about cramming!

2) Less is more. When in doubt, remember those three words.

3) Don’t stress. Hire a wedding coordinator. DIY is fun, but in moderation. Seriously.

4) Don’t scrimp on food. People will remember what they ate that day. And yes, you will get to eat on your wedding day!

5) Listen to married friends. They’ve been there. Listen to their experiences and ask for their opinion. They will be more than happy to share!


And now for some shameless plugging.

We are totally loving this RAZA organza gown on Camille. All we had for this shoot was this dress and a red lipstick. Brides, as mentioned earlier, LESS IS MORE! White, no beading, and red lips!

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