You know how most women have dreamed about their wedding since they were little? Well Pat isn’t one of them. Being the one dreaming about her dream dress for her, we tried to convince her to go all out. She didn’t want a poofy dress, not even a long one. In the end she told us that she just wanted a simple, short, white dress. Okay fine. Basta tadtad sa lace. Haha. 

She was the most chill bride. In fact, too chill that when we entered her bridal suite, her gown was still in the box (the horror!) and her marathon gear was the one displayed on the mannequin! We felt like we were her momzillas, asking her why she hasn’t started on her makeup yet, why she didn’t take the dress out of the box, steaming her dress like crazy, and fixing her bouquet. 

Thank you for letting us make your dress, Pat! a woman like you is rare these days. And you’re right. Sometimes details are just details. The real planning starts after the wedding, and that’s the one you should gush over and enjoy.   

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