We love weddings. Small, intimate, grand, simple, quirky. Whatever the style, whoever the people are, we love them. It must be the idea of celebrating a couple’s love for one another that really got us inspired to do this. To create RAZA. To get inspiration from them and create something uniquely theirs, something that will make their day even more special, albeit through fashion.

And what can be more inspiring for the RAZA team than to create a collection for our muse? For our very fist client who saw us make mistake after mistake and still encouraged us to pursue our dream by asking us to continue making gowns for her. Chi Donato, our very loyal client finally got married. And boy were we inspired.

Our task was pretty daunting. To create her entourage gowns based on her simple theme: industrial. Yes that’s right, our muse is a modern bride. It was a dream project for us. As much as we love the flowy, dreamy styles of most brides when it comes to gowns, making gowns with a modern flair was a welcome challenge. We’d like to believe we were able to rise to that challenge. From the colors, to the fabric, to the cuts of the gowns, we believe we were able to create a look that most have not seen for an entourage. Think modern, architecture, lines, and sophistication.

So while we do love all the gowns we make there are just some that really make us proud to be designers. This was definitely one of them. Congratulations again to our muse! May your married life be filled with more joy and adventures!

*special mention goes to John Herrera who made Chi’s beautiful gown and who was also my teacher and design mentor during my younger years!
our muse and the beautiful bride


structural details of the gowns


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