Ah the dress with the gold embellishments. We enjoyed our fittings with this one.

We were halfway done with the dress, pinning the then white appliqués when Den cocked her head to one side and asked: “Isn’t it supposed to be gold?” We looked at each other and answered: “Serious?!” Okay, she was really serious.

We have never done a wedding gown with gold embellishments so there was a lot of hesitation. Den really knew what she wanted to so we gave in to her request. Challenge accepted.

One thing we learned from this experience: Designers can also learn something from their clients. Her dress turned out to be so BEAUTIFUL! More beautiful than we, her designers, imagined it to be.

Thank you Den for trusting us with your wedding gown and entourage dresses. Bust most of all, thank you for pushing us and allowing us to take risks.

We miss you, you sister, and our favourite Mommy already! Photos by RV Mitra and Hans Fausto.