We started this business thinking we just wanted to make entourage gowns. Making wedding gowns was never really our goal since we were scared of the pressure of making the most important dress in every woman’s life. 

Every now and then we would get requests to make one and we would oblige, experiencing a lot stress and sleepless nights in the process. Until that “every now and then” became quite a regular thing, and we’ve learned how to deal with the stress and consider ourselves extremely lucky. Especially when brides like Abie, who’s practically a living Barbie doll, come knocking on our door. 

Thank you Abie for trusting us with your dream dress! Sorry, I had to steal photos from your Facebook page! 🙂


Ah the dress with the gold embellishments. We enjoyed our fittings with this one.

We were halfway done with the dress, pinning the then white appliqués when Den cocked her head to one side and asked: “Isn’t it supposed to be gold?” We looked at each other and answered: “Serious?!” Okay, she was really serious.

We have never done a wedding gown with gold embellishments so there was a lot of hesitation. Den really knew what she wanted to so we gave in to her request. Challenge accepted.

One thing we learned from this experience: Designers can also learn something from their clients. Her dress turned out to be so BEAUTIFUL! More beautiful than we, her designers, imagined it to be.

Thank you Den for trusting us with your wedding gown and entourage dresses. Bust most of all, thank you for pushing us and allowing us to take risks.

We miss you, you sister, and our favourite Mommy already! Photos by RV Mitra and Hans Fausto.

If we were to describe Jella’s entourage look in one word, it would be HUBADERA. Jella wanted something very feminine and sexy, and that’s exactly what we gave her.


Some of Jella’s girls fitting their sexy dresses

Since we weren’t sure if some of the girls would be allowed to enter the church (LOL!), we designed lace ponchos to go with their dresses.

It was such a beautiful wedding! Everything was well thought of and exuded elegance. Best wishes, Jella! Thank you for trusting us with your entourage! 

Photos by Metrophoto


Beautiful Edelwisa in Veluz and her bridesmaids in RAZA

Edelwisa, who is based in the US, emailed us asking if we could supply bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. Of course, we can! 

We were so excited when she told us where she was having her wedding. She was having it at *drumroll* Aulani Disney Resort in Hawaii!!! Of course, we weren’t actually going to Hawaii but at least our dresses were. And not just Hawaii… DISNEY! A Disney wedding! How cool is that? 

Thank you and best wishes, Edelwisa! Check out her wedding photos:

Yes, Nino and Nina. This couple came to us after getting engaged looking for a wedding dress for Nina. The dress. Just one look at her and we knew what dress to offer. It was a perfect fit!

We were already so grateful that she trusted us with the most important dress of her life, so you can just imagine how happy we were when she asked us to make her entourage dresses as well. So much pressure, but very rewarding in the end.

Thank you, Nino and Nina! Congratulations on the beautiful wedding and have an even more beautiful life together.


Thank you for trusting us with your entourage, Sarah!